Globiva Ltd – The engine behind – Smart Online Jobs is composed of Professionals and Experts in our specific areas with the values to change the society towards sustainable economic and social growth who share common goals.

Our Goals:

  1. Provide a connected digital portal and ecosystem to nurture entrepreneurship and sustainable development in our communities,
  2. Transform communities to work smarter and to promote a healthy lifestyle using technology,
  3. Support connecting communities to allow sharing and transfer of knowledge and technical skills,
  4. Support the nurturing of behavioral change through impact-oriented mentorship and leadership programs, and focused learning activities.

Through the use of SMART technology, learning, leadership and mentoring initiatives, we positively impact sustainable social and economic growth by fundamentally improving the service industry, effectively engaging and socially transforming the communities. We achieve this through our 5Ps Work Ethics.

  1. Partnership: Work with trusted, reliable, capable and committed partners and professionals through global networks, connections, and healthy business relationships
  2. Perfection: Use of creativity, discipline, unity, compliance, and competence to pursue perfection, innovate and 3. achieve excellence;
  3. People: Be the best place to work and develop with each other through genuine respect for unique and diversify personalities and environments;
  4. Productivity: Drive effective economic and social growth through the promotion of all-round prosperity, independence and interdependence, and the use of accountable, sustainable and transparent business etiquette;
  5. Planet: Respect the Planet Earth and embrace responsible and business solutions that are environmentally friendly.

What We Do

Thematic Areas

  1. Technology and Innovation.
  2. Community Development.
  3. Mentoring and Learning.
  4. Healthy Lifestyle.

Strategic Service categories

  1. Data Analytics, BI, AI, Big Data and IoT.
  2. Professional Services and Business Consulting.
  3. Innovation and SMART Technology.
  4. IT as Service (ITaaS) and Digital Workspace Services.


Barabara Application is one of our major products which is a leading Emergency and Assistance Services. Our Application has a unique value proposition which includes ;

  1. Onsite Service Delivery
  2. Convenience to reach assistance and emergency services
  3. Developing Service Ecosystems
  4. Quality assurance through service rating
  5. 24/7 accessibility of proximate services
  6. Data analytics for market intelligence.
  7. Overall improvements in Service Industry.


Barabara training brings together practitioners for an intensive “deep dig” on various marketing strategies. Under the direction of an experienced facilitator, participants review best practices from around the country, share ideas, undertake collective projects, and create specific action plans to implement. The overall development objective of the Training is to create greater fulfillment and enjoyment among the team as well as to prepare them for the activation of barabara service providers application. We also carry out  In-person pieces of training which are an excellent opportunity to step back from the daily demands of the office, connect with colleagues in the field, and build new skills to increase job performance.

The 3P Barabara Training Experience

Customer Support

Our Customers are our agents, partners, the service providers and users of the app. Through an organized service learning ecosystem, we promote coexistence and cooperation; we build trust in our brand and compliment our alliances to expand their market-base and productivity, and enable convenience to access services and create self-employment opportunities.